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Knowledgebase : ViUX Systems > Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBAS)
As of version 4.1.6-09 (06-Feb-2012) PBAS does NOT have a means of allowing Whois Privacy / ID Protect to be added to an existing Domain Registration. Currently you are only able to add these during the initial registration within the /pcc or /rcc inte...
In PBAS - https://hsp.viux.com/rcc/ - start by undertaking the following... ---------- Billing Director: Copy & Configure Hosting Plans 1. @ Top > Billing Director > Product Manager > Hosting Plans > New Hosting Plan Icon > Selection Option: "Create...
Upon initial login to a new PBAS Reseller Account you are presented with a LOT of configuration options. We normally handle this while speaking with the Reseller by phone to walk them through what each option does; however all of the settings entered at t...
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