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Dedicated Server vs. ViUX Virtual Dedicated Server as a Cloud VPS
Posted by J.T. Smith on 13 February 2015 12:48 PM

There is no shortage of providers from which to get a Dedicated Server for $199/mo (or LESS)... However is this the best choice for your business critical Website and/or Email?

Should PRICE be your primary selection factor? And is a conventional / physical Dedicated Server better than a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) or Cloud VPS?

Below we attempt to give some guidance on such points of consideration (from our point of view) when making a Dedicated Hosting decision for your business...



1. A Dedicated Server is a potential single point of failure. If the Power Supply, Disk Drive(s), Memory, CPU, (or any other critical component) in a Dedicated Server suffer a failure, then you are down HARD until the failed component is replaced (if they even have a replacement on-hand). In the case of a Disk failure, a restore of the Server from backup may also be required before services are again functional (assuming they even have a recent backup available).

- But with a ViUX Cloud VPS there is no single point of failure because the Virtual Dedicated Server runs on multiple Hardware Nodes - for which if any Node suffers a failure, other Nodes within the Cluster take over the load without missing a beat. So a Cloud VPS means no potential for prolonged downtime due to Hardware failure.

- Further, backups are automatic and native to the Cloud VPS environment; whereas Dedicated Servers often require third party software and systems (at an additional cost) to handle backups.



2. A Dedicated Server has fixed resources (i.e. 1TB of Diskspace; 3.4Ghz Quad-Core CPU; 16GB of Memory)... If your needs ever exceed these fixed resource levels for even a short period of time or consistently, an outage or performance decrease will occur. And if you ever wish to upgrade resources, it will require either prolonged downtime for the Dedicated Server or a manual migration to a new Server.

- But with a ViUX Cloud VPS resources are burstable (not fixed) plus guaranteed. You pay for a certain guaranteed level of resources, but when under heavy load the system will allow those resources to "burst" above the guaranteed levels as needed to handle the spike with no downtime or loss of performance. Upgrades of the guaranteed resource levels are also easily done on the fly with no need for downtime or migration.



3. What type of Disk Drives come by default in that Dedicated Server? Likely slow and cheap 7.5K SATA Disk Drives. These drives are not only SLOW, but as stated above, represent a potential single point of failure. Even if in a RAID Array, any Disk outage will likely result in prolonged downtime to get the Disk(s) replaced and Data recovered.

- But ViUX Cloud VPS operate in a Cloud Storage Cluster that consists of high-speed Solid State Drives (SSD) and 10-15K SAS/SCSI Disk Drives for performance. Further, all data within the Cloud Storage Cluster is replicated 3-times across 3 different Hardware Nodes within the Cluster, which is how the high-availability fail-over is able to restart all Virtual Dedicated Servers on an alternate Hardware Node in the event of a primary Hardware Node failure. This removes the Node as a potential single point of failure, provides top performance, and data safety.

- But as a result of the 3-times replication within the Cloud Storage Cluster, Diskspace usage is also tripled (i.e. 500GB of usage is 1.5TB of actual consumption within the Cluster). So we must charge a premium for this because SSD/SAS/SCSI Drives are FAR more expensive than SLOW SATA Drives; and we are using 3-times the space on more expensive Drives than your conventional Dedicated Server. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oEzW9w-1rg - for more details on how our Cloud Storage works.



4. What level of Hardware is that Dedicated Server? What are the components? And how old is it? It's always true... "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR". At $199/mo - it is NOT likely to be a brand-new Dell Enterprise-Grade PowerEdge Server. It is more likely to be an older off-brand (or no-brand) generic / refurbished Server with basic / low cost components. Often these Servers are sold to customers and allowed to run for as long as they will, until one day they fail - and then you're DOWN HARD.

- However ViUX Virtual Dedicated Servers as Cloud VPS are deployed upon brand-new Dell PowerEdge C6220 Cloud-Series Servers having Enterprise-Grade SSD/SAS/SCSI Disk Drives and LSI-MegaRAID Controllers with Cache & BBU for the ultimate in performance and reliability.



5. Most Dedicated Servers are limited to a certain amount of monthly Bandwidth / Traffic (i.e. 20TB). Going over this amount will increase your costs greatly. While the included bandwidth amount may seem ample... Do you know how much monthly Bandwidth you will need? Do you even want to have to worry about that?

- However ViUX offers UNLIMITED Bandwidth for our Cloud VPS Hosting. So you do not have to be concerned with this.


I could go on... but I think you get the idea of what makes a ViUX Virtual Dedicated Server as a Cloud VPS infinitely better than a conventional Dedicated Server elsewhere - and this is why we charge more. But also consider...

A) What level of SUPPORT and RELIABILITY are you going to get from that $199 Dedicated Server provider? ViUX has a decade (+) track record of excellent service and support - so you know what to expect from us.

B) What Email Server will that other provider offer? ViUX is an EXPERT with SmarterMail and premier SmarterTools partner... Are they?

C) Do they own, manage, and support their own servers directly? Or are they just RESELLING someone else?

Again, I could go on, but I think you get the idea... We certainly cannot tell you how to run your business, but there is a LOT more to consider when choosing between a Dedicated Server elsewhere and a ViUX Virtual Dedicated Server than just PRICE. What budget are you trying to stay within? We can work with you on a configuration to meet that budget goal, as well as, your overall needs... Contact ViUX toll-free at: 1-866-858-VIUX (8489) - and select option 1 for SALES to arrange a Virtual Dedicated Server / Cloud VPS quote.

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