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Subjects Matter! Help ViUX Support to HELP YOU by giving your Support Tickets a Descriptive Subject
Posted by J.T. Smith on 30 January 2015 11:34 AM

When you are opening Support Tickets it is VERY helpful if you give the Ticket a Title / Subject that is related to the action being requested or issue being reported therein.

For instance, opening a Support Ticket with a Subject of just "Urgent!" or "Website Down!" is not ideal. Such a Support Ticket would be been better routed and handled more quickly if instead it was given a Descriptive Subject like "Reboot CT1234 @ - Urgent" or "Website Down - mydomain.com showing Service Unavailable error".

Subjects like these instantly give us the server HOSTNAME and IP ADDRESS or DOMAIN Name, plus let's us know at a glance that it is a Container versus a Hypervisor, tells us what is being requested or error received and does so using keywords that aid in auto-routing and assignment of the Ticket. Just providing a Descriptive Subject alone can cut as much as 15 minutes off the time that it takes to handle a Support Ticket - which is really important if your issue truly is URGENT!

But even more so, giving your Support Tickets a proper and Descriptive Subject HELPS YOU because over months / years of service you are likely to create multiple Support Tickets on a verity of subjects (especially when just getting started with our service); and if you ever need to find a prior Support Ticket, how much easier would it be to do so if all of your Tickets had fully Descriptive Subjects instead of a long list of Tickets titled only "Urgent" or "Help"?

So you can HELP US to HELP YOU and HELP YOURSELF in the process - by just taking a brief moment to compose a Descriptive Subject for each Support Ticket that you open.


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