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ViUX 24/7 Live Chat / Phone Support - Policies / Limitations
Posted by J.T. Smith on 11 February 2015 09:54 AM

ViUX Systems provides 24/7 Live Chat Support (and 24/7 Phone Support for certain subscriptions) staffed by representatives each having years of experience in Web Hosting / Server & Network Management. We strive to answer all Live Chats / Phone Calls within 60 seconds, to not let more than 2 minutes go between responses, and to resolve all matters in under 20 minutes. However for security, auditing / tracking (and several other) reasons there are limits to what can be reasonably handled via Live Chat / Phone and/or under 20 minutes.

For these reasons we note the following Live Chat / Phone Support Policies (Limitations)...

1. AUTHENTICATION REQUIRED: For your own protection, security, and best auditing / tracking and handling of Support Requests, certain things CANNOT be handled by Live Chat / Phone. This would include ANYTHING having to do with: Account, Subscription, Server, Network, Website or DNS changes; as well as, requests having to do with: Logins, Passwords, etc... For instance, you cannot request Server changes (Memory, Diskspace up/downgrades), Password changes, or User / Login creations via Live Chat / Phone. All such things (and anything like these) MUST instead be requested via an Authenticated Support Ticket associated with the Email Address that is on file in our system for the Account / Subscription in question. And because Live Chat / Phone reps do not have access to customer passwords, authentication CANNOT take place within the Live Chat Session or Phone Call - Authentication MUST be done via Support Ticket ONLY.

2. LIMITED ACCESS: Not every Live Chat / Phone Rep has FULL access or authority to do everything in our Systems, Servers, and Network. For instance, everyone that handles Live Chat / Phone Support for ViUX does not have access to our Hosting Provisioning or Billing Systems to make certain Account, Subscription, or Resource changes. And not everyone has access to Network Firewalls to create VPN Users or set Trusted IP Addresses. So even if we were able to handle such tasks via Live Chat / Phone (and we are NOT for security, auditing, and other reasons as stated above), it is by no means certain that the specific Rep handling YOUR Live Chat session or Phone call would have the needed training and access / authority to handle such a request anyway (especially if its 3AM in the morning, our time). Instead the request would need to be made in an Authenticated Support Ticket that can then be assigned to the correct Rep to handle that specific task when that person is next on staff, likely during our normal business hours.

3. INVESTIGATION / TROUBLESHOOTING / ASSIGNMENT: Not every task or issue can be handled in under 20 minutes and we strive to keep Live Chat Sessions and Phone Calls BELOW that threshold. An issue / task may require investigation or troubleshooting or may need to be assigned to a Rep that is better able to address the specific situation. In such cases, we may either ask that YOU open an Authenticated Support Ticket on the matter from your side; or we may offer to open a Support Ticket on your behalf from our side. In the latter case of our opening the Support Ticket on your behalf (that is NOT considered an Authenticated Support Ticket) - so you will be required to respond to the ticket FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS ON FILE FOR YOUR ACCOUNT IN OUR SYSTEM to confirm and authenticate the request - BEFORE any action will be taken on our part.

For these and many other reasons we must therefore ask that you consider what can and cannot reasonably be handled via a Live Chat session or Phone call. And because of #2 & #3 (above) even if you already have an Authenticated Support Ticket open on a given matter, it may not be possible to then come into a Live Chat session or call by Phone referencing that ticket to get someone to take immediate action.

We do our best to handle as much as we can via Live Chat or Phone 24/7; however we must ask also that you HELP US to HELP YOU by keeping the above policies / limitations in mind when it comes to ViUX Live Chat & Phone Support.


Also consider: Subjects Matter! Help ViUX Support to HELP YOU by giving your Support Tickets a Descriptive Subject

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