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Should you get a Dedicated Server with ViUX?
Posted by J.T. Smith on 25 September 2014 10:13 AM

Are you seeking a Dedicated Server and wondering if the "Dynamic Dedicated Server" offering from ViUX.com is right for you? Are you asking yourself "Should I get a Dedicated Server with ViUX?" - Well of course we say YES! However depending on your specific needs and understanding of exactly how ViUX deploys Dedicated Servers, the answer for you could be NO...


Cloud VPS Hypervisors are Virtual Dedicated Servers

Well first, with each new inquiry about a "Dedicated Server" with ViUX, we must learn exactly what the potential customer really needs, and inform them of how we deploy Dedicated Servers versus our Cloud VPS Hypervisors - to make sure that our offering is really a good fit for their specific needs and expectations. It is actually rare for us to deploy a Physical Dedicated Server for a customer, as our Cloud VPS Hypervisor offering is almost always a better and more cost effective choice. The only real exception to that is for those needing ultra-high resource levels, such as Memory, CPU, & Diskspace. But for typical resource levels, our Cloud VPS Hypervisor is a much better option over a Dedicated Server.

The reasons for this is that a Physical Dedicated Server is a potential single point of failure with fixed resources. Whereas a Cloud VPS Hypervisor still provides guaranteed (fixed) resources, but also the ability to burst or scale beyond those guaranteed resource levels temporarily or easily as needed for a more stable hosting environment. ViUX Cloud VPS Hypervisors also use 3-Times Data Replication in an SSD Cloud Storage Cluster for high-performance and high-availability failover - to eliminate the potential single point of failure that is a Physical Dedicated Server. Once educated to the facts that a Cloud VPS Hypervisors gives all the benefits of a Dedicated Server, but is also better in many ways, most new customers opt for the Cloud VPS option.

ViUX actually offers both Cloud VPS Containers and Hypervisors; however it is the Cloud VPS Hypervisor that is a superior alternative to a Physical Dedicated Server. We actually refer to our Cloud VPS Hypervisors as being a Virtual Dedicated Server.


What makes ViUX Dedicated Servers "Dynamic"?

But for those rare few that do need ultra-high resource levels for which a Physical Dedicated Server then becomes more cost effective, we must further inform them of exactly how ViUX deploys Dedicated Servers. We refer to ViUX Dedicated Servers as being "Dynamic", because we install upon them a virtualization solution called Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC). What Virtuozzo does is allow 1 or more Virtual Servers to be created on the Physical Server, and then all of the resources of the Physical Server are allocated to the Virtual Server(s). This has many benefits, some of which are making it much easier to handle backups and restores, resources changes, upgrades, etc...

ViUX makes use of Virtualization and automation in all we do, including Dynamic Dedicated Servers. So if you are just looking for a plan low-cost non-managed "bare-metal" Dedicated Server - in all honestly, you may be better off going directly with a SoftLayer.com (one of our partners) or other regular Dedicated Server provider - because that is not really what ViUX does. Instead, ViUX is a provider of Managed Virtual Servers of multiple varieties, including: Shared, Cloud, & Dedicated - but always with a high level of automation and virtualization, because to do otherwise is just not as efficient.


Contact ViUX today to get a quote on a Virtual Dedicated Server deployed as either a Cloud VPS Hypervisor or a Dynamic Dedicated Server.

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